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How to Do a Drop-Step

Learn how to do a drop-step from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


We'll talk about how to do a drop step right now. A drop step is a move used by low post players when they're posting up as a way to get around the defender, seal them from the basket, and give yourself a higher percentage shot.

So the first thing you want to do is get good low post position. So now we'll have Granville guard me. So now as I get the ball in the low post, and I'm looking at his feet, I want to drop step on this leg right here. Okay? So this is my left leg on his left leg. So as I get the ball on this drop, I'm actually dropping this leg. You see how I drop it back behind me, and then as I turn, I'm sealing him, and I'm attacking the basket.

So now, if I'm drop stepping the opposite way, again, I get the ball in the low post, I always want to catch it off of two feet. The reason why I want to do that is because now I can use either pivot foot. Okay? If I catch it off of one foot, like this, that means that now this is my pivot foot, but if I want to drop step this way. I can't because I've already established the pivot foot. So the first thing I want to do is I want to jump stop, and now I'm looking at him. So now if I'm drop stepping the opposite way, I'm trying to get this leg as deep as possible, I drop and I finish. Okay?

So now what we'll do is we'll walk through it full speed. We'll have Morrell on offense first and Granville on defense. Okay? So Morrell will drop step going toward the baseline and he'll finish. Okay? So he'll get the ball. He'll drop. Very good. And attack and then finish. Okay? So notice he did a good job of sealing defender, so Morrell gets the ball. He'll spin, drop, and finish. Okay?

So now we'll switch it up and we'll have Granville go the opposite way. All right? So now as he posts up, let's get outside the lane, he posts up, he'll drop. Excellent job. Notice as he dropped he sealed the defender. All right? So he drops, get that right foot inside. Very good. So you notice as Granville did that he did an excellent job getting his right leg around Morrell's right leg, and he finished with his left hand.

So when you drop step, you can do it on both sides of the court going right and left. Remember stay low, get your inside leg around the defender's body. You can seal using your opposite arm, and then finish with the appropriate hand.

That's how you drop step.

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