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How to Do an Up & Under

Learn how to do an up-and-under from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Now we'll talk about using the up and under move. The up and under is used primarily by low post players in which you'll get the ball in the low post and you'll fake to try and get the defender in the air and go under them for the finish.

So again, up and under just as the term indicates. The offensive player will get the ball, they'll fake up to try to get the defender to jump in the air and then finish under them for the lay up.

So what we'll do right now is we'll talk through. We'll start on opposite side with Granville on offense and Morrell on defense. All right? So now Granville is posting up. So once Granville gets the ball in the low post he'll turn, he'll pivot up and under.

So you notice as he made this move and the defender was on him, the first thing he did was he turned and he faced the basket and it's almost like a punk fake. Okay?

The same way work on punk faking from the perimeter I wanna punk fake and get this defender up in the air and then as soon as I get him up in the air I'm stepping through with my left foot and I'm exploding to the basket.

So now we'll walk through it again. We'll go full speed. We'll watch Granville do it two more times. So he'll catch it, he'll face, up, under, finish. One more time. He'll catch it, face, up, under, finish.

Now we'll go through quickly the opposite way. Okay? So now we'll have them fake up and under baseline and finish with the left hand. He'll turn baseline, up, step through with the right hand, very good, one more. So now he'll fake, get the defender in the air, step through on that side.

So that's what we do with the up and under. We want to stay low, look at the basket, shot, fake the defender to jump and then we reverse on the opposite side stepping through always with our inside foot to finish for the up and under.

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