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How to Do the Backdoor Play

Learn how to do the backdoor play from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


The backdoor play is used in basketball in order to try to get open when the defender is guarding you and they're overplaying you and you're trying to get open. By overplaying you I mean that when the offensive player has the ball at the top of the key and the other offensive player is on the wings, they're not allowing you to get the basketball. Therefore you have to try to cut backdoor because they're overplaying you and not letting you catch the ball at the top.

So right now we'll show you a couple of techniques in terms of you getting your footwork together and how to get open on a backdoor play. So right now we'll start with George at the top of the key with the basketball and we'll do this with no defense.

So right now I'm on the wing and I'm trying to get open. But there's a defender guarding me and I cannot get open. So the first thing that I want to do is I want to go towards the top of the basketball in that direction to really try to force my defender to bite as if I'm really coming up to get the ball.

So what I'll do is I'll start here and I'm coming hard in this direction and I'll plant and pivot with my left foot and as that defender leans, then I'll cut in backdoor for the bounce pass and getting the layout. So now we'll see how it looks with defense on us.

So I'll have Jerry come out and guard me. So see Jerry's a good defender. He's being physical with me. He sees the basketball. And I'm moving and I can't get open, I can't get open. So what I want to do is I want to hard step out and get Jerry to lean. As his body leans that direction I want to come backdoor, getting the bounce pass and laying it in.

So right now we'll walk through it full speed. We'll keep Jerry on defense and we'll have George on offense. So this is how it would look realistically in a game. Here we go. George is trying to get open, Jerry overplays. Backdoor, layout. So we'll run through it three times quickly. Here we go.

Let's guard him. Don't let him get it, don't let him get it, don't let him get it. Very good. See his footwork? He's really faking like he's coming out to get the ball and then he goes backdoor. Fake, backdoor, layout and finish.

So those are the proper techniques that we want to use as far as working to get backdoor. We can work both sides of the court. When you go to the left side it's the opposite footwork. But essentially, when you're trying to get open for a backdoor layout you want to fake out, like you're running out towards the top and get the defender to lean and go back.

That's how you do a backdoor layout.

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