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How to Dunk a Basketball with 1 Hand

Learn how to dunk a basketball with one hand from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


Now we'll talk about something that everybody loves to do, dunking the basketball. So I have a great guy right here, Morel, one of my best dunkers, he is going to not only show us how to dunk with one hand, but dunk with force and dunk with power, right, Morel? Exactly, yeah. So what we'll do right now is, we'll work on attacking the basket, and there are various ways that you can talk about dunking with one hand, because some people are one foot jumpers, and some people are two foot jumpers. Morel is good at jumping off of one feet and and two feet, so we'll give you a couple of variations, everything with one hand, exploding off of one foot, and then doing some stuff going off of two feet.

One of the main things that you want to do when attacking the basket is you want to have good balance and body control, so now when you're going up for the dunk, you're able to finish off of either leg, while being up in the air, and you want to try to get your wrist above the rim, so essentially as you dunk, you're putting the ball into the basket, as opposed to, if this is the rim, trying to dunk at this level. You want to be able to jump, elevate wrist above, and a dunk shot means you're putting the ball straight through the net.

So we'll walk through this full speed, well we'll have (?) as the passer, and Morel. So he'll start off his first two attempts, he's going to go off of one foot. So you'll see he'll get the ball, he'll get it full speed, he'll attack above the rim, excellent job. He makes it look very, very easy. Here we go, gets the ball above, one hand finish. And now what we'll have Morel do, is he'll take a dribble, now he'll go up with two feet, but still one hand. So he'll rip it through, jump off of two feet finish, excellent job. You see Morel makes this look very, very easy, he'll get it, he'll rip it through, very good balance, body control, and finish. So the only thing next time we'll work on our next segment, is how to yell, and growl, and pump your chest after you're done. That's how you dunk a basketball.

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