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How to Do the Alley-Oop Play

Learn how to do the alley-opp play from former top-ranking college basketball player Jason Curry in this Howcast video.


An alley-oop is one of the most fascinating plays in basketball. Fans go crazy over it. Players get a lot of energy off of it. And it's an exciting play because the ball is lobbed into the air and you don't see anyone coming. And then, like Superman, someone comes out of nowhere, gets the ball and dunks it in.

So this is Superman-1 and this is Superman-2. I'm just gonna be the standby passer right now and as I throw the ball into the air; we'll demonstrate how to do an alley-oop.

Passing is very important as much as finishing with the dunk. And a lot of times in an alley-oop, passing is more important because the pass has to be on point for these guys to be able to go up and finish.

So we'll have Merril go first and he'll work on catching the alley-oop off of two hands and then Granville will finish with one. So here we go.

So this is a game situation. And a lot of times an alley-oop works best when the ball handling passer makes eye contact with the person going up for the alley-oop. So here we go. I'm dribbling the ball. Merril will go up and get it, finish, two hands. And I love the way he dunked that with force.

So now we'll come to the opposite side and now we'll have Granville go. He gives me that eye contact. He'll finish. And again, nice and force. You'll notice one of the things that Granville did before I made that pass is he pointed up. Very essential for the ball handler and the passer and the dunker to make eye contact, and he communicated with me. That means throw it up in the air. And once I throw it up, he does the rest.

That's how we do an alley-oop.

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