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How to Make a Chinese Staircase Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to make a Chinese staircase friendship bracelet from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Colleen from The Lanyard Ladies and now I'm going to show you how to make a Chinese staircase bracelet. I'm using five strings. The more strings you use, the thicker the bracelet will be when it's finished. So I have five strings about 20 inches long. I'm going to put a knot at the top and I'm going to take my strings and I'm going to put them onto my cardboard. Put a slit at the top and a slit at the bottom. And we'll tape the knot in the back so it doesn't slide out as we're making our bracelet. And we attach it to the clipboard. Now we're going to take four of the five strings and tuck them in the slit at the bottom of the board. And this is the bracelet that uses the backward knot which is the letter D. And we're also going to change our colors as we go along.

So we're starting with the pink and we're making the D. You take the end of the string you're making the D with on the center strings into the loop of the pink D and you pull it up. And you continue to do this. We're making pink Ds to that first line and then we're going to change the color. It's important as you pull up each knot that you pull it nice and tight next to the previous knot that you just made. You don't want to see any of these center strings underneath the pink as you make your knots. Okay, so we're just about to that first line. And now we'll show you how to change the color. You're going to take the strings out of the slit at the bottom.

You select which color you want to do next. We'll take the purple. And you put all the other strings back in including the pink that you just worked with. And now you start making the Ds with the new color. And you just continue doing this, now with my purple Ds, until we get to the next line. Okay. So you'll do this with each of the different colors until the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist. Here's a sample right here on my wrist of what the Chinese staircase bracelet looks like. And that's how you make a Chinese staircase friendship bracelet.

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