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How to Make a Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to make a candy stripe friendship bracelet from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Colleen from the Ladies and now we're going to learn how to make a Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet. I'm making a Candy Stripe Bracelet with five strings. You probably want to cut your strings about 20 inches in length. That should accommodate any size wrist. You take your strings and you put your basic knot at the top. I like to attach it to the cardboard.

Now, when I'm setting up my cardboard for candy stripe because the strings are being separated I'm going to put several slits across the bottom to accommodate the different strings. So, we take the knot and we put it through the slit at the top. We tape our strings onto the back. I want to separate my strings and start with this one. Then I'm going to take the pink and put it in the first slot. Then we do purple. Oops. Then we're going to do blue and then white. So, you put each string in each individual slot at the bottom. I'm leaving this one out because that's the string that I'm going to start making the bracelet with.

So, this bracelet uses the forward knot. The forward knot is the number four. In this bracelet, you always start on the left and you work your way to the right. You're always going in that direction from left to right. So, we start with the four. We tuck the end of the string we're making the four with under the first string and you pull it up. The forward knot is always two knots on each individual string. So, that's two.

Now, we move to the purple string. We make the four on top of the purple. We tuck the end of this string under the purple and we pull it up. We do it again. Two times on each string. I'm going to do two on the blue then two on the white. Then when you're done you take this sting and you tuck it in the last slot at the bottom of you board.

Now, you take out the next string which is the pink. We're going to do the same exact thing again working from left to right making our fours. Two on each string. That's one. That's two. Then we go to the blue. That's one. That's two. Then we do the white. One and two.

My last color is one. This is two. Then you take this string and you put it in the next slot. So, you're going to continue in this manner doing fours all across the colors of your strings. This is actually a sample of this five string friendship bracelet. So, five strings will give you this thickness. If you want to get fancy and more creative we can do rainbow colors. In this case, we did two of each next to each other and because there was additional strings the bracelet came out wider.

Again, you'll make these long enough to fit your wrist. When you're finished you can put a knot at the end or you can braid it. So, when you tie it on you'll just tie it together on the back like that. This is how you make the Candy Stripe Friendship bracelet.

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