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Double Snake Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to make a double snake friendship bracelet from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Heidi from The Lanyard Ladies and today I'm going to be showing you how to make a double snake friendship bracelet. A double snake friendship bracelet is similar to a regular snake we're just going to double it in size, which makes it look even cooler.

The materials you're going to need to make the double snake is rat tail cord, which you can buy in any craft store. It's a little thicker than regular embroidery floss that you use to make the friendship bracelet. You're going to need two 20 inch pieces of rat tail cord.

You're also going to need to pick out three colors for your snake bracelet. Three of your colors are going to be the same and then you're going to have two that are different, that are single. That's going to be about 60 inches in length that you need.

Now we're going to start off. We're going to have our cardboard that we need, and we need a clipboard to help us work. Take your scissor, you're going to make two slits at the bottom and one slit at the top. We're going to take the two pieces of black rat tail cord and we're going to fold them in half. Make them even at the bottom, lay them out across your board.

Take your five pieces of string that you have, place it down like this because you're going to try to wrap the string around. Tuck it in and grab these two pieces and pull it through. If you have a friend with you it's easier to work with and have somebody hold the black rat tail for you. Then just pull it tight. Now you've formed a loop and you're going to pull it to the top. Now you have a double loop.

Normally when you make your snake bracelet there's one loop, but we're making it twice as thick. Now you have your slit at the top of the cardboard, you're going to place your loops in there. Take a piece of masking tape, tape it from the back to hold it still for you. You need four slits at the bottom.

Take your black rat tail cord, you're going to put them at the slits in the bottom to hold them still for you. Take your cardboard and clip it into your clipboard. Now we can start making our snake.

You're going to start off with one of the single colors that you have. I'm going to start with the yellow. We're going to do a forward knot all the way across on all four strings. Two knots on each. So you're going to make your four to remind you that you're going to do a forward knot, you're going to do it two times each all the ay across with all of your strings.

Start off at the yellow, you're going to do two each. Wrap it around. Up to the top and tighten. Make a four, go around, up to the top and tighten. Go to your next string. Make a four, up to the top and tighten. Do two on each.

Right now you have no pattern on this side, but once all the strings get here a pattern will start to form. Now you're going to take the other single color that you have, which is the orange. Same thing. Two on each all the way across. Around the back, two forward knots, pull to the top, tighten.

Now you're going to start with the red. You have a whole bunch of red on this side. Doesn't matter what order you go in, just take any red string that you want, until the pattern forms on the other side. You're always going to do two on each. One. Two. All the way across.

Now all your strings are on the right side of the board and we're going to move them over to the left side. You're going to do a backward knot to do that. You're going to be making your D, going across, two times each. You can see how thick it is right now and we're going to make our G now. Make a D, around the back, through the big loop, pull to the top, tighten, make a D, around the back, pull to the top, and tighten. You can see now all the strings are lined up so you can tell which string is coming next.

Now we're on our last string and we're going to get all the strings to go to the other side. You're just going to keep going back and forth and back and forth until the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist. Do the last few across and I'll show you what it's going to look like because you are working on the backside of this bracelet. The front of the bracelet is underneath. We have two more to do. Around the back, through the big loop, pull to the top and tighten.

Now all our strings are here on the left side. If you pull these out and flip it over you can see your double snake and what it's going to look like as you keep going. That's the single and that's your double.

That's how you make a double snake.

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