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How to Make a Cobra Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to make a cobra friendship bracelet from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Colleen from the Ladies and I'm going to teach you how to make a Cobra friendship bracelet. First thing we need is a 30 inch piece of rat tail cord folded in half. Rat tail cord can be purchased at any local craft store. Then we'll need two pieces of embroidery floss. These are about 60 inches in length folded in half.

You'll want to take the embroidery floss and place it underneath your rat tail cord. Find the center and we're going to tie a knot. Then we're just going to shift the knot up to the top creating a loop and what I like to do is I take some tape and I tape my loop to the cardboard then I'll fold it over the top. At the bottom of the cardboard I'm going to make two slits because that's where this rat tail cord goes as we're making our bracelet. You clip it to the board and now the only thing we need to do is get the two colors on the same side of the bracelet. So, I'm going to take the burgundy to one side and the purple to the other.

Now, we're ready to get started. We're going to make a D with the burgundy cords. Then we take the end of the purple under the burgundy under both of these cords into the loop of the burgundy and we're going to pull it up. So, my thing just slid down. I'm going to push it back up again. To make it easier I'm just going to tape my cords down here at the bottom of the board.

Now, we make our d on the left side and we're going to keep rotating which side we make the d on, but you're always going to start the d with whatever color you're working with. In my case it's the burgundy. You're taking the purple underneath on a diagonal under all the cords into the burgundy d and you pull it. It's a side to side pull and you tighten it up at the top like that.

Now, we're doing the d on the right. The cords come over and then underneath on a diagonal into the loop of the d and you pull it up. Now the d is on the left or a backward d. The purple bows crosses on top of your burgundy underneath all the cords on a diagonal into the loop of the burgundy and you pull it side to side.

Now, if you forget which side to make your d on, where this little line is right here, that's this side telling you to make the d on that side. So, that's my burgundy side. As I said, we're making d's always with the burgundy. So, you make your d. Tuck this underneath into the loop then you pull it through.

Okay. On this side. Tuck this underneath into the loop and I'll pull it up. You'll continue with this until you make it as long as you need to to fit your wrist. Here I have a sample of one that's almost completed. Looks just like this. Then here's a final sample of a completed bracelet. This one is multicolored and it uses two additional strings of color other than these two.

In this case, we put a bead on the end, so when we wear it we could put the loop through the bead. This way you can take it on and off. This is how you make a Cobra friendship bracelet.

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