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How to Add Beads to a Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to add beads to a friendship bracelet from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Heidi from the Lanyard Ladies and I'll be showing you how to add beads to a friendship bracelet. This is what your bracelet will look like when you're done. We're doing to need some beads, some rattail cord, and some embroidery floss. Two different colors of embroidery floss.

We're going to need 30 inches of rattail cord, which is your black cord,and 60 inches of embroidery floss. Fold it over. So you fold over your embroidery floss and your rattail. Line them up together. Then you're going to twist it, and make it into a loop at the top. After you make your loop, you're going to take your cardboard, going slit the bottom, gonna slit the top.

Place your loop into the top of the cardboard. Got a piece of masking tape to hold it securely. Tape the back, and you can put it into your clipboard so it'll stay. Now separate the strings. Put the embroidery floss on one side and you're going to put your rattail cords in the middle.

The stitch that we'll be doing to put the beads on is really a Colbert stitch. So you're going to take out your black embroidery floss, pick out a bead, and put your bead through both cords. Pull your bead all the way up to the top. You're going to take one side and you're going to go across with your four, straight down the other side, and underneath you're going to pull it through to the first loop that we made.

Gently pull on both and tighten. And now your bead is securely in your friendship bracelet. Now take another bead and you're going to put it, both rattail cord, the ends right through. Pull it up to the top. Now since you're worked with the left side before, you're going to work with the right side now. The right side is going to go across like a D and you're going to go straight down, sort of like a pretzel.

And you're going to go diagonally across into the D that you made and you're going to pull both tightly together. Now you secured your second bead. Take a third bead, put both cords through, pull to the top. And now you're going to do the left side. You're going to go across, straight down and your goal is to go diagonally across into the forward knot that you had made.

And then pull both strings together. And each bead gets secured in there. And you just keep doing that until the bracelet fits your wrist. Both cords in. Pull to the top and the right side. Across, straight down, and go diagonally through. After a couple of stitches, it gets easier to do it.

Pull it down and pull it tight. And when you finish making it, it will look like this. And that's how you make a friendship bracelet with beads.

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