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How to Make a Butterfly Friendship Bracelet using Lanyard

Learn how to make a butterfly friendship bracelet using lanyard from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Heidi from The Lanyard Ladies and today I'll be showing you how to make the butterfly stitch out of lanyard. You're going to need two pieces of lanyard, two different colors that are about 30 inches in length. You're going to take the two pieces and you're going to start off by tying a knot at the top. Then you're going to take your colors.

You're going to start with one color. I'm going to start with the white and make a loop. Go around that loop with your other color. Make another loop and pull it through. Starting this bracelet is a little difficult but once you get two or three stitches in, you're good. And then you pull down. Now you have a green loop. You're going to take the white, make another loop, put it through the green. And then you're going to pull down on the green and tighten it. So I'm making a butterfly stitch just by making one loop into another loop. Now you're going to make a green. Make a green loop, pull it through, pull down on the white really tight, and soon a pattern will start to form. Make another loop. The white goes into the green now. Pull down.

Now sometimes as you're doing it your loops are going to get a little large, so you just slowly pull it down so it's easier to work with. Now we're into green. The green is going to go into the white and then you're going to pull down and you're going to tighten it. Now you're going to make a white loop into the green, pull down, and tighten it. And you can see a pattern is starting to form. Green, into the white, pull down. Tighten it. White goes into the green. And you're just going to keep alternating back and forth with your two colors and your butterfly stitch will start to form. Another loop. Pull down. White loop into the green loop. Pull down. Green into the white. And pull down. And now you can see the pattern forming. And here's a sample of what it will look like if you keep going. So you can keep going until it fits your wrist or you can make it into a keychain. And that's how you make a butterfly bracelet out of lanyard.

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