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How to Make a Twisted Cobra Friendship Bracelet w/ Lanyard

Learn how to make a twisted cobra friendship bracelet using lanyard from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Heide from The Lanyard Ladies. Today I'm going to show you how to make a twisted cobra lanyard. You're going to need two pieces of plastic lacing of your lanyard, and about 60 inches in length. Take your lanyard, and you're going to fold it in half evenly at the ends. Take a key ring, put your tow loops through, and pull your lanyard through, and pull down. Now you're going to put one string of each color in the middle, and the two on the outside. Now to make your twisted cobra, you're always going to be making on the same side.

So you're going to make a loop across, your white's going to go down, and you're going to pull through that loop, and pull two strings together. Always work with the left side, so I just went across with the left, now the white is on the left side. I'm going to do the same thing, white goes across, blue goes down through your loop, and pull both, always working with the left side, and it's going to start to twist. Now the green, down, around the back, pull both, now your white is your left side, always the left side. If you feel more comfortable starting with the right side, you can do that. Whichever side you pick is the side that you have to keep looping with, and soon a pattern will start to form.

Green goes across, white goes down around the back, and pull across. Now it's starting to twist, white goes across, down, around the back, and pull tight. Always the left side, no matter what color's on that side, you're always just going to work with the left, and it's going to start to twist. A few more stitches and you can see how it's going to start twisting. Just remember you go across, white goes down over it like a plus sign around the back, with a big loop, and pull both of them tight together. Sometimes you have to just wiggle it in place, white goes around, The back, and pull them together, and you're starting to get a twisting pattern. It's going to go around, across, reel it into place, and pull tight, around the back, and keep pulling. And now it's starting to twist. And if you keep going like that, it'll look like this. And that's how you make a twisted cobra out of lanyard.

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