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6 Supplies You Need to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Learn about the six supplies you need to make friendship bracelets from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Colleen form the Lanyard Ladies, and I'm going to share with you today the top six supplies that you need to make a friendship bracelet. The first would be the embroidery floss. This is the main ingredient. First you have to open up the skein, and you have to find the end. Once you find the end, it's a good idea that you wind all of the floss around the bobbins that come in the package when you buy your embroidery floss. The floss can be purchased at any local craft store. The next thing we need is a piece of cardboard. We have this fancy cardboard, but you don't have to have something so fancy. You can use a shoe box or a paper plate even.

That will work for you just the same. We like to use the cardboard to hold the string in place as we're making our bracelets. The next thing we will use is some tape. Again, the tape helps us hold the string on the board, and the tape also can work to hold your bracelet onto a hard surface if you don't want to use a piece of cardboard. We also have a clipboard. We take our cardboard, and we clip it to the clipboard to hold down our work as we go. Lastly, we have scissors. You can't cut string unless you have scissors. And then we have a safety pin. The safety pin you'll need because as we make bracelets, you'll find yourself making knots, and this is the tool to take out your knots. So these are the six items you need to make a friendship bracelet.

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