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How to Make a Forward Knot for a Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to make a forward knot for a friendship bracelet from The Lanyard Ladies in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Colleen from The Lanyard Ladies, and in order to make a friendship bracelet, the first knot you need to know how to do is the forward knot.

So the first thing we need to do is to take our string, we put a knot in the to of the string, and then we attach it to our cardboard. We put a slit at the top of the cardboard, and we put a slit at the bottom of the board, and we attach the string. We like to add a piece of tape to the back to hold the string in place. And we're going to take one of these strings and put it in the slit at the bottom of the board, and attach it to our clipboard. Now we're actually ready to begin making a forward knot. The forward knot is the number 4.

You can put a 4 on the board to remind you of what the knot looks like, as you go along. You take the end of the string you're making the 4 with, tuck it under the center string, into the loop of the 4, and you pull it out. And you just continue to do this. Tuck this underneath, into the loop, and you pull it out. This forward knot is used to make the basic candy stripe friendship bracelet, as well as the V. So once you master this forward knot, you should be able to get started on actually making a friendship bracelet. So once again, we're doing a 4, you tuck in the end of the string underneath into the center of that blue 4, and you pull it up. And this is how you make the forward knot.

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