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Basic Rules of Soccer

Learn the basic rules of soccer from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


Hi. I briefly want to talk about the basic idea of the game of soccer. We have two teams playing on a field of any size. You can play wherever you want. You can start in the back, you can play on a turf field, on the grass, wherever you have a chance to play. You need basically one ball and a few players, split them into two teams, mark the field at the end of each side and put two nets or whatever you have to mark a goal line.

The game starts off with a kickoff where one team is in possession of the ball. You can use any part of your body except the hands, except your arms. Everything that is below the shoulder. The inside of the foot, the knee, the thigh, the chest, your head. Those are the body parts that are allowed to kick or catch the ball with during the game.

It's a lot about movement. It's a lot about positions on the field. It's also about tactics and strategy. But to really get started all you need to know is that you kick the ball with your foot, basically, to a teammate of yours and try to get across the field to the goal net of the other side of the field and try to just score.

And that's basically it. Those are the basic rules of soccer. Enjoy the game.

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