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How to Juggle a Soccer Ball Well

Learn how to juggle a soccer ball from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


Juggling in soccer is something you may not use as much during a game, but it's a great way to practice timing, coordination. And just being balanced on your feet. Shifting body weight back and forth from one side to the other. What you want to consider when you practice juggling is of course to use both feet. It's very important that you use both feet to keep the ball in the air. The basic idea of juggling is to keep the ball in the air without any bounces in between. So you can use any part of your body, the feet, the thigh, the chest, the shoulders, the head, whatever you want except for your arms of course. Whatever you want to keep the ball in the air nice and smooth.

You wanna have a clear touch whatever body part you use a clear touch is very important. Not to kick the ball all the way up in the air, keep it between chest level and the knee level for example. Or you have variations at some point but you get started between knee level and chest level would be a good range for the ball. Other than that you want to keep moving on the toes from one side to the other. You basically shift body weight constantly from one leg to the other leg. And having the option to make adjustments to the ball, moving forward, get the right timing, moving backwards again, sideways without losing focus and without losing balance. After each touch you want to plant the foot entirely, maybe use the other one, or use the same foot twice. But plant feet after each touch. That's the basic idea of how to juggle a ball. It's a great way to practice and the more you practice the better you will be.

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