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How to Pass a Soccer Ball

Learn how to pass a soccer ball from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


When we actually pass the ball, the soccer ball, there are a few things can go wrong . For example the ball goes up in the air, something that we usually don't want. We want to keep it on the ground. We pass the ball too hard, we pass it out of the line. So to make sure that everything goes the way we want it we have to do a few adjustments. For example we want to keep moving on the toes. Not be flatfooted. You have to approach the ball, you wanna make one step forward once the ball is coming in or once the ball is gonna be passed after dribbling. The last step towards the ball should be forward. With that stepping forward the planting foot, the toe points towards the player that you wanna pass the ball to, or it points towards the open space that you wanna pass the ball into.

If I wanna pass the ball with the right foot for example the planting leg would be my left leg. The toes of the left foot would be pointing towards the player I wanna pass the ball to. The left leg. The left knee is bent and the right foot is swinging back towards the ball to hit the ball. The more the knees are bent the more balanced you are the more you have control over your weight that you put on the ball. The more you can control if the ball goes rather soft or rather hard to the player you wanna pass the ball to. So once you are in a right position to actually pass the ball make sure you aim it low. Try to pass the ball into the strong foot of the receiving teammate. Or into the open space. And everything will be fine.

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