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How to Shoot a Soccer Ball

Learn how to shoot a soccer ball from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


As we want to win the game we need to know how we actually score. And to score we need good shooting techniques. There are different things to consider when to actually go for a shot at the goal. For example you always have to look up, you have to aim the ball. You need to know the position of the goal keeper. You need to know your position. There is another thing you need to know for example that once you are closer to the goal it's not about the power it's more about the technique. You actually just want to place the ball nicely. There's no need to go hard to hurt anyone. You just want to score, turn around, celebrate and fine.

There are ways to hit the soccer ball for example with the inside of the foot. This is more of a technique if you are relatively close to the goal. Or if you just want to go for accuracy instead of power. To take the shots form distance for example, with your foot outside of the box then you are more further away from the ball you need more power on it. You need of course to know where the goal keeper is. You take a higher risk when you take the shots from there. But in case you take the shot from outside the box, or from a far distance, you actually hit the ball with the shoelaces. On top of your foot with the toe pointing down, the upper body is rather up, because you wanna get the momentum on it, you wanna have power. You need balance. Once the leg is going backwards to swing back and get the momentum towards the ball . You accelerate towards the ball. Hitting it hard. Get descent off the ball, get the power on.

The last three steps to do towards the ball are full speed to get the momentum out of your run after a dribbling for example, and hit the ball aiming, following through in the direction of where you want to kick the ball and it should be fine. That's 1-0 for you. Good luck with the next shot.

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