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How to Tackle in Soccer

Learn how to tackle in soccer from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


Tackling in soccer is one technique to gain possession of the ball, to regain possession of the ball, or at least interrupt or disrupt the flow of the game of the opposition.

When you want to tackle a ball, of course you're not in possession of the ball yet but you aim towards it. So you have to commit fully.

The player coming in at you with the ball, dribbling with the ball at you, you have to keep an eye on him, maybe look what he has in mind. Try to find out what he has in mind. Where he's going, where he intends to go.

And after you make the decision to go at the ball, go hard and commit your entire body to the tackling and follow-through with it.

What it means to tackle the ball is you aim at the ball as if you want to pass the ball, but you go hard at it as the defender or the opposition player will be trying to get past you.

So once you get to the ball, use the inside of the foot to actually hit the ball hard at the middle, at the center of the ball, follow-through, commit your entire body, and that should be it. That should be your ball at the end.

One important thing to note is that a tackling, of course, is always a risk. It's a risk for you and it's a risk for the other player.

The risk for you is that you commit too early, that you commit too late. If you miss the player, you run into a counter-attack.

If you miss the ball, there's a risk that you'll hurt the other player. To make sure that that does not happen, really keep an eye on the ball.

Commit hard, but don't be unsafe.

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