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How to Do a Single Cut & Double Cut in Soccer

Learn how to do a single cut and double cut from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


The basic idea of a single cut is to deceive your opponent, get him to make the first step, cut in front of him and then speed up in the open space behind him.

To make this work, you dribble hard at the defender. Choose one side, dribble with the same foot, for example, with the right foot you slightly get the ball out of your feet, out of your foot, pretend to shot, cut the ball with the inside of the foot so the ball moves laterally in front of the defender. And after you make that cut you speed up into the space behind him.

You really want to sell that fake shot or fake pass. You move hard, you open up with your entire body, get the foot and the upper body in the position that you actually could pass or could take the shot. And then get the entire body around the ball with the inside of the foot, cross it in front of your defender and speed up. Important is that you really speed up and get right in the back of the defender so there's no way that you can be held back.

If you want to go a step further, there's also a double cut. To do the double cut it's basically the same idea with the single cut, only you'd do it twice in a row to get, for example, the ball from the right foot, change direction to the left foot and cut it back with the left foot to the right foot. It of course depends on the defender of your position on the field. If you're strong in your right foot you want to cut it to the left and maybe cut it back to the right to finish strong.

Or you keep moving, a little bit more space at the lower pace towards your defender and you need another option to actually really sell the shot or sell the fake and get in the open space behind the defender to then finish strong.

That's the basic idea of the single cut, the double cut. I hope it works well for you on the field.

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