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How to Cross a Soccer Ball

Learn how to cross a soccer ball from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


To win the game you need to score. To get your players into goal scoring position, one way to do that is to develop the game on the wings. Once you develop the game on the wings you want to break down all the way to the baseline and then cross it. And that's what we want to talk about now.

The cross is one essential part of the game to get your players into goal scoring position, especially the strikers. To cross the ball, of course you have to look up and you need to know what's going on inside the box, what's going on in front of the goal. You want to aim at one player or you want to aim at the space the player's going to run into to have a nice strike and a nice chance to score in the end.

One way to cross the ball is to keep it on the ground. Usually when we keep it on the ground we aim for the first post. Another way to cross it is to rather get the ball over the heads of the defenders, over the head of the goal keeper to what's the far post. If you want to get the ball off the ground, you want to get the shoelaces underneath, you want to follow through in the direction of where you want to get the ball. For example, the far post to the player or to the open space.

One thing that is mostly overlooked is that you of course have to position yourself to get the ball easily off the ground. To be ready for it and not just kick it. Because usually we will go full speed down the line because we have to get rid of our defender, we gain some space and then we have to get ready for the cross.

To get ready for the cross the toe points to the inside of the field instead of down to the baseline. It points to the inside of the field at the player you want to pass or at the open space you want to pass the ball to. Once you get the foot in the right position, the body follows, the upper body follows, the chest follows and you have eye contact before you hit the ball. But this is the right way to get around the ball and nicely underneath the ball with the shoelaces off your foot because you want to trade a vetch, like a vetch to get the ball off the ground into the air.

Those are different ways to cross the ball. It's usually used for wing play once you get to the baseline. Cross it back towards the penalty spot, away from the goal keeper, into the run of the strikers and then you have a nice chance to score.

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