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How to Volley a Soccer Ball

Learn how to volley a soccer ball from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


To to volley a soccer ball means to take the ball out of the air, to take a shot with the ball out of the air without having it bounce. There is also the half volley, what it means is there is a bounce in between before you touch the ball, before you hit the ball. Usually it's a volley out of the air, its the most complicated version to actually strike the ball. Or it's a more complicated version to strike the ball. There are things to consider, it's more about timing, it's more about coordination. It's how is the ball gonna bounce. How are you positioned.

Are you leaning forward or are you leaning back. If you lean back and you hit the ball while leaning back, the ball's gonna go up in the air, most likely. If you wanna make sure the goes straight in a line towards the goal you have to lean slightly forward, make sure the toe is pointed down so you can hit nicely with the shoelaces. You get a big surface [0:51] off the foot to actually strike the ball and make sure that the ball is going forward instead of up. You cab also volley the ball with the inside of the foot. But in the case we want to focus on volleying the ball with the shoelaces. With the toe down, leaning forward. Getting the right distance on the ball. Being balanced when taking a shot. Follow through. It's always a risk, you have to take the risk. And if you succeed it's gonna be fancy.

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