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How to Do an In & Out in Soccer

Learn how to do an in and out from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


The in and out is a nice move you can use, usually on the wings, or maybe as a striker as you get in goal scoring position.

It is a move usually used at the lower pace or either the medium pace.

The idea is to deceive the defender going to one side but actually ending up on the opposite.

So for example, if you take the right foot to dribble the ball, you're going to deceive or entice the defender to make the move to our left, and then we end up on our right.

So we dribble the ball with the right foot. Before we get to the defender, we shift body weight to our left foot by making one bigger step going out of the line, stepping slight to the left side, putting all the body weight on the left foot, while we touch the ball with the inside of the right foot and quickly, again with the right outside of the foot.

So to make that work, we have to do a slight hop with the left foot.

So we dribble with the right foot. Take a step towards the left with the left foot. Keep the entire body weight on the left foot and touch the ball with the right inside.

As soon as we touch the ball with the right inside, we hop slightly forward with the left foot.

And soon as we land with the left foot, the right foot comes around the ball and we touch it with the outside of the foot, go to the right side and explode into the open space behind the defender.

That's the basic idea of how to do and in and out.

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