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How to Do an Inside Hook in Soccer

Learn how to do an inside hook from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


The inside hook is a relatively simple move. To regain control over the ball, or to change the direction of the play. With the inside hook you basically slow down the ball after dribbling, slow it down. Get the body behind it. With the long outreaching leg, get the foot behind it, the inside of the foot. Slow down the ball get the ball completely calm in front of you and then change directions. So it is about changing the focus of the play instead of beating a defender. So its not a drill that you wanna use when you face your defender and going with speed at him or her. It's more like an man in the midfield when you want to change the focus, shifting the focus of the game, of the play, from the right wing to the left wing for example.

The important thing about the inside hook is that the consecutive move has to be determined. So after you do the move you slow down the ball. You slow yourself down, you regain control over the ball, but then something has to happen. If you slow down you can unnecessarily under pressure. So after the inside hook, you control the ball with the inside of the foot. Meaning you change direction. You can re-shift the focus. But then you have to speed up pass the ball quickly, or try to break down the wing, or whatever you want to do something has to happen quickly. So even though the move is relatively easy to learn, and relatively easy to execute it has to be with a follow up motion that gives you the space and the time you need to execute well with the following move. That's the basic idea of the inside hook.

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