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How to Do the Adriano in Soccer

Learn how to do the Adriano from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


Adriano is a relatively complex move that you can use to beat a defender more towards the sideline. It's rather complex because you need to use both feet.

You start by stepping on the ball by, for example, the right foot, dragging it back behind the supporting leg, underneath your body to then push it out on the other side of the supporting leg with the inside of the foot. Important for that part is that the ball goes around the supporting leg like a V shape. By holding the ball with the bottom of your foot underneath your body, and then you push it out with the inside of the same foot to what's the opposite side of the supporting leg.

After this part is done you step down with the right foot and get quickly the left foot onto the ball. With the bottom of the foot you then step on the ball and direct the ball back in front of you to the right side of your foot to continue your dribbling, to pass, or to finish.

The ball basically has a motion like a triangle. You get it back in a V shape and the core comes back in front of you, drag with the left bottom of the foot to your original position.

This is the basic idea of the Adriano. You use it at relatively low pace on the sidelines to beat the defender and then continue with the original play.

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