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How to Do a Shoulder Feint in Soccer

Learn how to do a shoulder feint from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


The shoulder feint or the mathais turn is a relatively simple move that you can use at almost any speed. You use your upper body to make the move to deceive your defender and then move into the opposite direction. The way it works is you dribble with the ball towards the defender. Once you get closer to the defender you make a move slightly to the side. So let's say you dribble towards the defender with the right foot once you get closer to the defender the right foot makes a move more to the side. You get out of the line with the opposite shoulder, coming over, pretending your speeding up, and towards the right. At the same time the left foot gets ready to push the ball with the outside of the foot into the open space, to the other side of the defender, and speed up into the open space.

So it's a quick move where you shift the body weight quick, from one side to the other. Making a step outside, off your line, to one side, for example the right leading the opposite shoulder with you to pretend your speeding up to the direction. At the same time the opposite leg for example the left leg comes in the outside of the foot. Touches the ball to the opposite direction where you then have to speed up to gain momentum and beat the defender. That's the basic idea of the shoulder feint or mathais turn.

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