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How to Do the Zidane Roulette aka Maradona in Soccer

Learn how to do the Zidane Roulette, aka Maradona, from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


The zidane roulette is a great move to change direction on the field or to get past an opponent. You usually use that move when the opponent is coming in, either from the side or from the front. The beauty of this move is that you basically keep moving constantly while you turn on the ball and while you change direction and rhythm to pass the opponent or change direction.

The zidane roulette works in a way that you dribble at the opponent for example with the right foot. Once you get closer to the opponent you basically step on with the right foot, toe part of the right foot. Stepping on, turning to the left, landing the foot where the toe is facing 90 degrees to the side or almost back while the opposite leg, in this case the left foot, steps on the ball as well with the bottom of the foot and keeps rolling the ball the same direction you went in the first place or slightly different angle.

So what way you continue your move is totally up to you. But after you step on the ball, you turn to your left with the toes facing to the side. And your opposite foot comes on, dragging the ball. So the ball is basically constantly moving with a slight change of rhythm, with a slight change of pace, slowing down only briefly. And you drag it like right away with your opposite foot into the open space after you initially stopped it and turned your body around to shield the ball in the first place.

That's the basic ide of the zidane roulette. It's a beautiful move. And whenever you have a chance to use it, use it.

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