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How to Receive a Soccer Ball with Your Chest

Learn how to receive a soccer ball with your chest from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


There are different ways to receive the soccer ball. One great way is to use the chest to receive it as chest is a really big area, a really big surface you have to control the ball. but first of all you always wanna be moving on the toes. You wanna try to get behind the ball when the ball is flying in. That means, be on your toes you wanna adjust your position to the left or to the right. Moving forward or moving backwards but once you get in the right spot make sure that you have two feet, both feet now planted next to each other.

But one in front of the other so you can capture the ball that is flying in. So you don't wanna be like a wall where the ball bounces against and then just bounces uncontrollably to one side or the other. Instead you wanna lean back slightly with your arms up because again you need to protect yourself against incoming defenders or if the defender is already on your side keep him outside your core. So your balance stable. The ball is flying in, you capture it and then control it right away with the next touch. The advanced version of that would be instead of leaning back with the foot you wanna lean forward and give the ball a clear direction into the open space away from your defender. This way can have one touch to control and set up your next move at the same time. This is the basic idea of receiving the ball with the chest.

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