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3 Essentials for Team Play in Soccer

Learn the three essentials for successful team play from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.


There are several ways to make soccer work as a team. And several means to help creating a nice team play. For example, being in sync with the teammates with communication for the change of rhythm. Showing support by speeding up, slowing down, changing the position, getting out of the back of a defender, moving into the open space. All those things can help to make soccer work.

If I have no options to pass the ball I'm going to be forced to go into a dribbling. If I go into a dribbling I have a risk to lose the ball. If I lose the ball the players get angry at me even though I did not have a chance to get rid of it first or to use a wall pass.

Those things only work if we communicate. If I hear something I can take out a quick yell. I can show my support by reaching out, pointing the hand, the arm to this side, I'm going to have, I'm going to go, I'm going to speed up into that space. Or this is where is I want to have the ball passed into.

Another way to show you availability to your teammate is to change the rhythm. You want to get out of the back of the defender. You don't want to hide, you want to be available. If you speed up on the wing, I'm going to notice that change of speed. I'm going to be able to see you moving into your open pace, I will notice that this is where you want to have the ball, this is where I'm going to pass the ball. After your receive the ball there will be other teammates checking in, yelling at you in a friendly way, giving you advice, giving you hints, giving you support. Saying okay pass it forward, pass it long, look far post, man on, there's some trouble behind you, watch out. Whatever it is.

This is support, this is what makes it work and this is how we can work almost together like an orchestra. If you make a mistake we were with there to support you. If you make the wrong move, we will get you the right, give you a hint to make the right move. You lose the ball we were there to gain position back of the ball.

So again, soccer's a team sport and things like communication, movement and change of rhythm are essential to make that game work.

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