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Learn Soccer with Coach Frank Hauser

Learn about Coach Frank Hauser, one of Howcast's soccer experts, in this video.


Hi. I'm Frank. Coach Frank. Owner and head coach in Soccer Beyond, number one soccer school in New York City.

We offer great opportunities to improve, shape up and play. If you want to come out, check out our website There you can find more information about myself, by book Soccer Beyond Instinct, and the sessions we offer.

At Soccer Beyond we offer different kinds of sessions. So there are sessions, for example, for the beginners were we go through the soccer basics, the basic moves, the behavior on the field. There are also sessions for players that are more interested in the fitness aspect of the game. We have soccer boot camps, we have quickness and agility sessions.

The setting is usually that we have a group of maximum 12 players to keep it nice and intense. Everybody gets to know each other, getting to know the strength and the weaknesses. So it is a team setting. We want to have a pro-feel experience when you come to our sessions. So you want to learn something and you want to learn the skills and you're gonna learn the skills. But while learning the skills you're gonna get fit as well.

So I really hope that the series on soccer has been informative for you. And if you want to go even further into depth, just reach out to us. And I hope to see you on the field soon.

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