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Types of Tarantulas

Learn about the different types of tarantulas from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


Tarantulas are in the arachnid family and there are over 900 species and counting, meaning they're still finding them. As far as I've heard they're still finding different tarantula species in rain forests around the globe. But 900 species is a lot and you got to do your research if you're interested in learning more about them.

I don't want to get into the families and genus names again, but there are different types of tarantulas in terms of habitats they live in and the areas of those habitats they live in. Crawling across the desk here we have the giant Goliath birdeater from Central America. He certainly can climb up a tree if he likes to. But his heavy body tarantula like that, you're going to find him lumbering across the forest floor looking for something to dine upon. That might be insets, that might be some kind of small mammal. That's the type of tarantula he is. Terrestrial in nature.

Right next to him inside the tank is the pink toe tarantula. Pink toes are arboreal species. And there are many, many different beautiful tarantulas that are arboreal. They're usually characterized by being extremely quick. Because to live in the trees you have to be quick. So that's the type of tarantula we see in that strata of the environment.

The deserts are pretty low land places. Deserts and scrub lands. They're all terrestrial in nature. They need a burrow to live in where they can get out of the hot sun. So many, many terrestrial desert creatures you'll find most of the day under a rock, under the ground, in a burrow, in some kind of a cave area where it's a little bit moister that they can survive the heat of the desert.

And those are pretty much the different types of tarantulas.

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