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5 Cool Facts & Care Tips for Red Rump Tarantulas

Learn five cool facts about Red Rump Tarantulas and how to take care of them from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


The red rump tarantula is another tarantula that's very popular in the pet world. These little guys come from Mexico for the most part, as do a lot of their cousins: red knees, red legs, an awful lot of red painted tarantulas. This guy's red focuses right back here in his rump. Is that his rump? No of course not, that's his abdomen. All arachnids are really a two-parted animal, head and thorax fuse together and the abdomen on the bottom. But it is covered in red hair. Like most of his North American cousins, these guys are quick to flick. We have to be very careful around them. This guy was just doing it. Whoops! He's going to do it if I jostle him for sure. They take their hind leg and they rub it really fast and hairs go into the air and they're extremely irritating, so we don't want to mess with that.

But these guys are very popular in the pet world because they are very simple to keep, a very simple animal to keep in a little tiny 10-gallon tank. You can put a lot of plants in there. You can put little hide spots around. And all tarantulas are very, very easy to keep because their diet (oh, here comes another tarantula), their diet is one that they don't eat a lot. So they're very easy to take care of in captivity.

The Mayans, this little guy grew in an area where the Mayans lived. The Mayans used these for all kinds of medicinal purposes. The Mayans would crush up their exoskeletons after they died and use them for a variety of potions for various illnesses they may have had. But in the new world, they're just in the pet world. The red rump tarantulas are readily available these days. I have them on a stand here just to accentuate his beautiful colors, but the proper substrate for him would be more of a peat moss type mixture, not the sand and the dried out one you see in front of you. The red rump tarantula.

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