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5 Cool Facts & Care Tips for Pink Toe Tarantulas

Learn five cool facts about Pink Toe Tarantulas and how to take care of them from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


Here we have the pink toe tarantula, a native of the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and surrounding areas. Very interesting terrarium subject. Has popped up in the last couple years as a popular animal. It's arboreal by nature so we want to have a nice, tall enclosure. These guys live in the trees where they come from.

And they are somewhat handleable. Not as good as some of their cousins, the rose hairs and such which are very handleable tarantulas. These guys will tolerate it though. Being new world tarantulas, normally they would kick their hairs off but the pink toe is not as apt to do that as some of his other tarantula friends. So we do find these more and more in collections.

Good thing about this one, you can keep them in larger groups. They are tolerant of being clustered together. And a bunch of pink toes in a verbarium looks awesome as they all kind of cluster together and those beautiful pink highlights come out.

Thing you got to be careful with these guys are they are quick. They are quick, when you open the door of the terrarium you better be ready to handle it. Get a plastic cup ready to catch it because they can quickly, if startled, bolt from where they are. And you don't want to slap down hard on a tarantula when you catch him. You want to be very gentle because you can easily damage it with their exoskeleton.

Insectival, like most other tarantula, that's pretty straight forward. But it's the arboreal nature of it really that makes the difference in this species that comes from the family of avicularia.

The pink toe tarantula. An up and comer in the pet trade for sure and a great vivarium subject.

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