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5 Cool Facts & Care Tips for Palomino Blonde Tarantulas

Learn five cool facts about Palomino Blonde Tarantulas and how to take care of them from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


Tarantulas are more and more popular as pets in the United States, and here's one that actually comes from the United States. The palomino blonde is a very, very popular spider in the wild. You see them all over the place. But in the pet world they've become even more popular again, because of their extremely docile nature. These are right up there with the rose hairs or the red knees and some of the other tarantulas that are commonly sold. You don't see them as often, but we're seeing them more and more. Simple, straightforward keeping on these.

Ten-gallon tank, a little more of a sandy bottom because of where they come from. But like all tarantulas, they need moisture. They need a little water bowl to drink out of. We don't give them deep water, tarantulas, because they can easily drown with their breathing mechanisms being under their body. We give them a sponge or something to chew on and actually suck the water into their mouth. The palomino blonde is very, very docile and therefore not apt to bite. I've never seen one bite anybody or any body get affected by it. And it's not one that's going to be big on flicking its hairs like some of its other North American counterparts. So we like the palomino blonde if you are an amateur tarantula keeper.

We also like rose hair tarantulas, which are very, very similar. And since you just crawled onto the set, we will show both of them at the same time. The rose hair versus the palomino blonde. Two of the number one pet tarantulas in the trade. And I highly recommend for beginner keepers.

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