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Do Tarantulas Make Good Pets?

Learn if tarantulas make good pets from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


Man 1: Tarantulas are probably one of the most easy going, easiest pets you could possibly keep. If you could get over the fact that it's a spider, and many people don't like that arachnophobia is rampant, but it's really more of an education situation and once you realize how simple a tarantula is to keep and how hand-able some of the species are it becomes a most excellent pet.

For our society being in smaller and smaller homes and apartments, this is ideal because a ten gallon tank is pretty much a large enough tank for any type of tarantula to keep for a long period of time. If you get a nice female tarantula, you can get one that lives for twenty to twenty five years. A very low investment in your time, low investment to purchase, some of these animals run to thirty dollars for an animal of twenty five years you can get an awful lot of enjoyment out of them. So what's the best place to get them? What's the best type of tarantula?

There are wild caught ones and they predominate in the pet world. There are captive hatched ones those are tarantulas that the tarantula mother was taken from the wild and had babies in captivity so their not totally wild not totally domesticated kind of in betweeners. And then there are tarantulas that come from breeders that have multi generation lived in this country are free of parasites free of diseases and have been handled if you will from birth. That's probably the best way to go. A captive hatched baby tarantula we call it a spiderling or a sling they are a teeny tiny things some times an eighth of an inch wide and are very very very fragile How do you keep them? Well you keep them in a very small container. We use to keep them in little test tube vials in the old days. Now there is a number of enclosures you can actually have to keep the spiderling in.

You gotta keep the moist ones moist if they are from that environment and the humid ones humidified but you have to really find a place where you can find the proper size prey. That's the probably the most important thing to keep in the baby spider. Little spider, little tiny insects. Most pet stores don't carry things like that. You're going to have to figure that out. We have solutions for that at Jungle Bobs in the terms of spring tails, little tiny isopod type animals that a baby spider can handle. They grow very quickly and it's very awarding to see a spider to grow from a little sling all the way up to an adult tarantula. And if you're lucky and get a female you've got a companion for the next decade or two.

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