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5 Supplies You Need for a Pet Tarantula

Learn about the five supplies you need to take care of a pet tarantula from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


The basic supplies you'll need to set up a tarantula system are really straight forward. The first thing you have to understand is what type of tarantula do you have. Is it arboreal in nature? You'll need a taller tank. If it's a terrestrial tarantula, as most of them are, you need something a simple as this plastic box. It's got a little easy opening lid on it that locks. That's very important, so the tarantula can't escape, an it's smooth almost across all its edges. It's got a little grate on the top here but it's not anything the tarantula could get his foot caught in. That's where you start. A little enclosure such as this.

Tarantulas all love to hide and there's a variety of things that you can use to put inside these types of tanks. A small hide box. This is a piece of wood called a Java wood. A piece of cork that would lay flat, that would be more for humidity loving tarantula because you can keep this wet. This is more of a dry piece. And they're happy, very happy, hiding underneath that.

At the bottom put substrate. Substrates would be something as simple as decorative sand for a desert dwelling species or any kind of a wood bark, moss that would hold humidity for a rainforest loving species.

And then, very important regardless of the habitat or the terrain they come from, you need a water source for a tarantula. Tarantulas need to drink. But they don't drink like you and I. They don't drink out of a bowl of water. As a matter of fact, a bowl of water could be fatal to a tarantula because their breathing organs are underneath their body. You want to give them a bowl like this. This is a tarantula bowl that came on the market awhile ago. It's got a sponge inside of it. So the tarantula can't fall in. But he can put his fangs in there and he uses his mouth parts to suck the water into his system. Very, very important because they get dehydrated very, very quickly.

After that is decorations. What else do you want to do? Put live plants, plastic plants, pieces of wood, anything you want to make it appealing to you. But for the tarantula's safety and for his happiness a tightly closed enclosure, substrate, high box, decorate plants, water bowl, you've got yourself a tarantula setup.

Tools you would need to move your tarantula about the habitat to help clean it and to move the tarantula, right? You don't want to touch him all the time to stress him out. Simple pair of tweezers. We like the ones that have a little bit of a protective tip on the end of them so you can grab the small tarantula or just gently move him. A stick always works for me too. I keep that next to my tarantula cages to get the tarantula to move to one side or the other. And some kind of device to pick out some of the defecation. Even a small wooden spoon from the kitchen works just as well to move things around inside the terrarium.

So those are the basic supplies you need to set up a terrarium for a tarantula.

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