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How to Clean Your Pet Tarantula's Terrarium

Learn how to clean your pet tarantula's terrarium from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


Tarantulas are such popular pets because the maintenance on them is really, really minimal. Their defecation's so small. It's a little ball that accumulates at the bottom. And you pretty much can sift it, you pick it up, you can push it off to the corner, pick it up on a spoon. That's about it.

Keeping a tarantula that's from a humidity loving environment, you got to mist it down a lot. Sometimes you mist it too much, the substrate can get a bit tarnished. It can get a bit moldy. You just spot pick it with your hand and take it out. Very rarely do you have to break down the whole tank like you would a fish tank. You just spot pick. You spot clean here and there and you're okay on the floor where the substrate is. Right? Pick out little things.

Arboreal tarantulas are different. Arboreal tarantulas will climb on the glass. And occasionally they will do their business on the side of the glass and you'll get streaks of defecation. So you have to go in there and wash that out.

If you're a good enough keeper you can just reach in and do it while the tarantula's in. I prefer to remove the tarantula in a plastic cup with a lid. Take the tarantula out. Put him on the side. Then you can take all the plants out, take the wood out, soak them in hot water and soap, rinse them out really good, disinfect everything, change the substrate bottom and do a quick overhaul. We're talking a very small tank it takes very little time. And I have tarantulas. Sometimes we don't have to overhaul the tank for six months before we have to worry about it. If you do your spot picking you're fine.

So that's pretty straight forward. When you're using the cleaner, we don't use anything like Clorox. If you do you have to really rinse, rinse, rinse. I use a mild soap and water and then rinse off with a rag. If I take the whole tank down I bring it right to the sink and just rinse it all out. And that is a clean terrarium, ready to go.

So just be a little diligent in taking care of the floor by taking out the defecation and a tarantula is one of the cleanest terrariums out there.

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