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What You Need to Know about Tarantula Molting

Learn how to recognize that your tarantula is molting and what to do when it happens from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


For a inexperienced keeper the first time a tarantula molts is a tumultuous experience because the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up to check on your wonderful tarantula is that he looks dead.

Oh my God, what did I do? The tarantulas dead. What did I do wrong. It's an agonizing situation. Because for all intents and purposes he does look dead, he's not moving, and the way he is positioned in their cage is upside down

That doesn't look good at all. Many people have thrown away a perfectly healthy tarantula thinking that it was dead. But they are just going through this process.

Inside that exoskeleton they're trying to get loose inside there. They want to be able to get that little top of their thorax off of their body. It's actually like, I always equate it to the top of a tank. Where a guy comes out of a tank when in the army. They pop off their tops.

And the tarantula pulls all of his eight legs in an he pops out of his skeleton any leaves this is very, very fine molt behind.

He's upside down in the cage looking dead. He's not dead. When a tarantula dies he's right side up. He doesn't roll over and die. That's a molting tarantula. A tarantula who is in his usual position, not moving with his legs curled inward, that's a dead one.

If he's upside down he's molting. Leave him alone. All you can do for a molting tarantula is keep the humidity up in the cage the best you can. Humidity will help get the shed off of him much like in a snake.

During that molting process he's irritable, he's vulnerable. His skin is turning. You do not want to touch a molting tarantula. Just leave it be. Monitor it the best you can.

Usually natures takes its course and they find their way, and they get out. And there's nothing you have to do to aid them or help them.

It's a healthy process. It's part of their life cycle. It's natural. Just expect to happen. And don't throw them away because he's upside down he's just molting his skin.

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