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How to Start Roller-Skating

Learn how to start roller-skating from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey guys, it's Gypsy from the State Truck NYC, we're going to talk a little bit on how to start roller skating. If you've never skated before, the best thing to do would be to find out your local skating rink, or a company like the State Truck NYC, learn how to roller skate from experts because it's so much easier in the end. Once you figure out that you do want to start to roller skate, you just need to either rent skates, buy skates, decide if you want to roller skate, inline skate, and then go to the basic classes.

So beginning roller skate, again, start off with T position, keeping your balance right underneath you, it's real important not to let your feet get too far apart, because that's when bad things happen. So always pull it in, keep your core tight, and try to take small steps and small corrections. A lot of kids will put skates on and think, yeah, let's do this. Adults, we don't heal quite as fast, so take it slow and easy and small steps. So knees bent all the time, chest a little bit forward, start off by walking forward, practice your backwards walking as well. If you have your own skates, start on carpet at home, and then progress to your hardwood floors and tiles, and then come out to your local parks and enjoy the scenery.

Roller skating is fun for everybody, and once you learn how to roller skate, you'll be doing it for life.

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