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How to T-Stop on Roller Skates

Learn how to t-stop on roller skates from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey guys, Gypsy with the State Truck NYC, we're going to talk about how to do a roller skating T-stop. So the first thing is to figure out where your feet need to be. First start off with the T position, and as you're doing a T-stop, push your front foot forward, bend the knee, put lots of weight on that front knee, and keep your core tight. Don't let that core open or swing around, because that will make you do spins as you go. So you're down here in your Zorro position, keeping yours shoulders straight ahead, back leg is straight and pushing on your outer edge, so your back two wheels are two wheels that actually get a lot of pressure on here.

It's really not great to put your foot on the side here, one, it's bad for your wheels, and the life of your wheels will diminish greatly if you keep pushing on the side here, but also if someone is around you, and they fall on you, it's a good way to really hurt yourself and break some bones. So make sure it's straight and firm, using all those muscles. So once you're pushing out, it will slide underneath you, and then you'll come back up to your T position, so try to keep everything square, straight ahead, core engaged, pushing on the outer leg, keep a nice, strong, firm legs. So here's what a T-stop looks like.

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