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How to Stop Smoothly on Roller Skates

Learn how to stop smoothly on roller skates from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


All right guys, we're going to talk about how to stop smoothly, okay? There's a couple different ways to stop on roller skates. The first one is using your toe stops. So all roller skates come with toe stops on the front, unless you have specific dance skates that have no toe stops on them. So with stopping with a toe stop, knees will be bent, you can put your arms forward to counterbalance, weight transfers to one side, and the opposite foot points straight back. So you point your toe to the ground and use your toe stop to come to a complete stop. Once you stop, use your T position to gather your balance again, and then start again. So here's what a toe stop stop looks like. And that is how you use your toe stops to come to a complete stop.

The next one is called a T-stop. So stand in a T position, and this is where your feet will end up coming together at the end of your stop. Going back to the stance when you are stopping, again, think about Zorro in that nice fencing little position that they have when they are sword fighting, so this is where you want to be. Try to keep your hip turned square, shoulder square, put your weight on your front foot, your back leg will be straight, and you're actually going to really push on your back, outer edge on the back two wheels, not the front two wheels, so try to keep all four wheels on the ground when you come to a stop. You have to keep your core engaged. If you don't, your foot's going to turn all the way around and lots of bad things happen, so keep your core tight and keep going straight. So this is what a T-stop looks like.

So those are a couple of ways to stop smoothly. You've got your toe stops, and you've got a T-stop. So good luck with your stopping, and have smooth rolling.

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