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2 Quad Roller-Skating Tricks

Learn two quad roller-skating tricks from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


We're going to talk a little bit about some quad roller skating tricks today. Every roller skating trick starts out with basic moves, so it's really important to be able to stand on one foot with all of your balance over that foot. To start off, you're going to keep your knees bent, weight transfer everything to one side, arms out for balance if you need it, and then lift your leg. Once you get the one foot balanced, then you can do all kinds of tricks on there. Also, keeping your core engaged and keeping all of your muscles involved in what you're doing and not be sloppy or a spaghetti noodle, that's going to help out as well.

Here's a couple of different tricks. The first one is just a spread eagle, and then pulling out using your heels. I'm going to come toward you and my feet are going to go apart. So knees bent, and whoop, balance and then pull him back in. So it's using all of your muscles to go out, hold it, and then pull it back in. So knees bent, out, hold it, and then pull it back in. You have to notice that all these muscles are involved in what's happening. If you get sloppy, you're going to come forward and fall on your nose, or your feet are just going to keep on going, so keep all of those muscles going.

Another one is a one foot turn, again balancing on one foot. So, I'm going to stand on one foot, bend, weight transfer to the toe, and slide my heel around. Balancing on one foot and turning. Watch again. Balancing on one foot, slide my heel around and turn. Again, keeping those muscles engaged the whole time so you don't fall backwards and also stopping the rotation. So those two things you can turn into anything, so practice your one foot balance and the you'll be able to do a lot of tricks on roller skates.

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