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How to Skate Backwards Fast on Roller Skates

Learn how to skate backwards fast on roller skates from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey guys, we're going to talk about how to skate fast backwards. With backward skating, you want to make sure that your knees are bent, chest is a little bit forward to begin with, and when you get up a lot of speed going backwards, you're actually using your edges a lot more than when you're going slow. So we're actually going to utilize crossing over backwards, and scissors, and one foot scissors, and all those good things all together to make us really get our speed up when we're skating backwards. Real important to come back to your powerbox, which is right underneath your knees and your hips, once you're too far out, and then all your weight is in the center, and then that's when it gets a little crazy out there.

So to start off, when you want to accelerate going backwards, you can either use your crossing over to really push, and remember you're pushing away from where you're standing. So I'm going to start and go to the left, I'm actually pushing away from where I was standing, and focusing on crossing over and doing it really quickly, so I can get acceleration and then maintain my speed. So knees bent, we're going to go to the left first, knees bent, we're going to turn, cross over with our right, cross over with our left, and then push, push, push. So that's how we're going to get our speed up, and maintain our speed. So this is what it looks like going fast.

So that's how you get up to speed, and that's how you start getting going really fast with your backward skating. So again, knees bent, remember your powerbox, use your muscles, keep your core tight, and we'll see you on the racetrack.

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