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How to Shuffle Roller-Skate

Learn how to shuffle roller-skate from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey guys, Gypsy from the Skate Truck NYC, we're going to talk about shuffle skating. Shuffle skating is really important in jam skating, dance skating, depends on where you are in the country as to what other types of move that you can incorporate into it.

So I'm just going to show you the basic steps. First of all, with bounce skating, jam skating, dance skating, and doing the shuffle, it's all about keeping your knees bent, and listening to the beat of the music, so make sure you got a little bit of rhythm in there as well. So keep your knees bent, you can start off with just standing still and just doing the motion. So it's one foot, and then change, one foot, and then change. So your weight transfer's coming from your left hip, a little bit of a bounce, bring your right foot back over, weight transfer, and a little bit of a bounce. So that's where your speed comes from when you start rolling. When you go around the corner, you're using your crosses but you're still bouncing, so instead of just pushing and then crossing over, you're going to push, bounce, cross, bounce, push, bounce, cross, bounce. And again, it's to the beat of the music, so make sure you keep your knees nice and loose. So this is what it looks like for the shuffle skate.

So when you get a group of people together, and everybody is doing the same steps, and everybody is bouncing to the same beat, it's super easy to do, but it's the base for everything with jam skating, bounce skating, dance skating, and shuffle skating. So get to skating, we'll see you soon.

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