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2 Advanced Roller-Skating Tips

Learn two advanced roller-skating tips from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey guys we're going to talk about some advanced roller skating tips right now. The first thing I want to tell you about is your power box right underneath your hips, straight down there's an imaginary box around your skates and that's where all of your strength and power and balance come from. So when you're starting out with any tips in rollerskating, always start from underneath your body inside your power box. When you push out to the side, make sure you circled back around and come back into your power box.

So when you're skating you want to make sure that your knees are back together right underneath you okay? So advanced skating tips we're going to do a little bit of backward skating right now. We're going to do what's called scissors. So the first thing we're going to do is just go forward and backward. We're going to bend our knees keeping our hips low, core engaged, chest a little bit forward. We're going to push our tolls out. Once they get to the apex which is just a little bit further than your shoulders you're going to pull them back in and stop without touching your toes together and without falling on your nose. So here we go. Knees bent, pushing out and pulling in and stopping. And then we're going to go backwards the same way. We're going to push out and pull in and stop.

So being able to go forwards and then backwards is a great way to practice your balance and also a great way to do any advanced skating skills. Anything you want to do forward to backward. So once you get this you don't need a really big space, you can do it inside your kitchen and practice your balance, your core is going to move a little bit forward and backward depending on which direction you're going.

So from the side if I'm going forward when I stop I have to sit back. When I push and go backwards I push forward. So it's kind of like you're doing an eye and your center of balance is right in the center, moving backwards and forward. So taking that and moving it into advanced skating skills what you can do is turn that into a hockey stop, power slides, turning forwards to backwards, anything you want to do or spins. We can turn them into anything you need. So I'm going to go forward and show you what it looks like going fast. Here we go. - So it's just a good way to get your speed going, getting your core engaged, getting your balance going and so don't forget your power box, it's real important to come back to the center when you're doing any advanced skating skills.

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