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How to Do a Bunny Hop on Roller Skates

Learn how to do a bunny hop on roller skates from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey guys, Gypsy with the Skate Truck NYC. We're going to learn how to do bunny hops today. There's two different bunny hops that you can do. The first one is very basic, with two feet on the ground, all eight wheels, arms out, knees bent, and you're going to spring up off of both feet and land on both feet. Make sure that you land on all eight wheels pretty solidly, and not lift your toes or land on your toe stops.

So everything just goes straight up and straight back down. So this is what it looks like, knees bent, arms out and you hop, and back down. Make sure that your knees are bent, and that when you hop you don't push your chest forward or hips forward, just keep everything nice and easy, up and down. The second bunny hop is for figure skating, it's a start of a combination. You're going to stand on your left foot, point your right foot forward with your toe down. What you're going to do is bend your left, you're actually going to spring up, land on to your right toe stop, and then push onto your left skate.

So slowly, this is what you'll look like, point, toe, and then push forward, okay? So this is what they both look like, the bunny hop with two feet, and the figure skating style bunny hop with one foot. So the two bunny hops are great for two foot balance, it's going to be great for the roller derby aspect because it's a nice beginning, the bunny hop for figure skating is the start of a combination where you throw other jumps in afterwards, so practice your bunny hops, and there you go.

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