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How to Do Scissors on Roller Skates

Learn how to do scissors on roller skates from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey, guys. We're going to talk about scissors right now. We can do scissors forwards or backwards. And it's basically an arc with your skates, bringing them from heels together to toe together. So when you're going forwards, you want to make sure you start with your knees bent inside your power box, toes out, arms a little bit forward for counterbalance. You're going to use your muscles and push your legs apart.

Once they get to the apex, you're then going to pull them together without letting your toes smash together. So this is what it looks like, pushing out and then pulling in. Okay. Same thing for backwards skating. Once your toes are together, you can do the same thing pushing backwards. Pushing out and then pulling in. So a good balance drill to do is inside your kitchen or living room, and just go forwards to backwards, working on your center of gravity and your weight transfer. Forward to backward.

If you need someplace for your hands, your hips are always good for that. So forward to backward. So when you're going in a straight line and you want to do multiple ones, this is what it looks like going forwards. And going backwards. so as you bring your feet back together, you want to make sure they don't hit so that you can continue in your momentum in whatever direction that you're going. Again, always keeping your knees bent, always keeping your core tight, and coming back inside your power box. And that is how you do the scissors.

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