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How to Rollerblade Backwards

Learn how to rollerblade backwards from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hi guys, Gypsy with the Skate Truck NYC, today we're going to be talking about rollerblading backwards. Whenever you start backward skating, you're going to start off with your toes together, hands on the hips so they have somewhere to go, and knees bent. If you're just starting out, you're just going to start off by walking backwards and getting that balance. So you want to make sure that your chest is over your knees, once you lean backwards, bad things happen, so keep your knees bent and start off by small steps backwards, keeping your legs together, and your knees together. As you can tell, once you get more comfortable, you just start rolling backward, and you'll push away from where you were. So you'll actually push out, and back in.

Another way to skate backwards is with scissors skating. So toes together, knees bent, you'll push out, and then pull in, and then roll straight, okay? So this is how it looks when you start moving in a little bit of motion on the side, toes together, small steps, let your feet roll, arms are under control, and roll. So notice how I keep everything inside my powerbox as well, my feet don't get too far apart by just letting them go, always keep them right underneath you, scissors pushing out and in.

And there you go. So make sure you keep your chest up, knees bent, chest over your knees, not too far forward and not too far backward, and those are some tips on how to rollerblade backwards.

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