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How to Slalom on Rollerblades

Learn how to slalom on rollerblades from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey guys, Gypsy from the Skate Truck NYC. We're going to talk a little bit about inline slalom skating. So, when you're skating on a slalom, it's all about your edges going from one side to the other, and then back. So your core and your center of gravity is going to stay pretty much straight. And it's your hips that are going to turn and go around those curves and then back. So you notice how my shoulders and my core are staying in one spot, and my knees are turning side to side. My skates are going to be a little bit closer inside my power box so that I can get really tight around those cones. So keep your knees bent, your hips down, and get your chest up. Once you start leaning outside of that center line, that's when things get a little bit wobbly. So, here we go. This is what it looks like in slow-mo.

So, you notice how a lot of movement's going on from the waist down. My shoulders are trying to stay on top. Knees bent.

So that is the basics for how to do slaloms on your inline skates. Good luck.

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