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Speed Skating Techniques

Learn how to speed skate on rollerblades from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey, guys. Gypsy with the Skate Truck NYC. We're going to talk a little bit about inline speed skating techniques. With inline speed skating, you've got a much sleeker boot so it's going to be lower on your heel and it's going to be a much better fitting boot than you would have with a recreational skate. With these guys, when you're skating on your technique, you actually use your edges as an S. So, this is where all your power comes from.

So, you need to make sure that your ankle is strong. You can do a lot of off-skate exercises, making sure that your body is ready when you put your skates on. Inline technique, you want to make sure also that you are down in your squatting position and you're pushing straight to the side, nice and easy arm swing. So, make sure you do a lot of off-skate exercises for your inline speed skating, so that way muscle memory is there when you put your skates on and it makes it much easier.

So, there's a couple of inline speed skating tips for you.

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